Aviation Data Corporation (ADC - AirUtopia) of Washington DC is a global producer of diversified aviation films and archive content. ADC is the Official Film Team of Farnborough 2010 Live Displays, Official Producer of Farnborough 2010 DVD, and Official Producer of the Farnborough Corporate Sales Video for 2012. Our filming is done with Digital and High Definition Cameras (HDV).

ADC has worked on 6 continents, 45+ countries, and at all major tradeshows including Dubai, Paris, Singapore, Hong Kong, Santiago (FIDAE), Hyderadad (Aviation India), Berlin, Bahrain, Farnborough and more. We work in extreme conditions and challenges and have experience from extreme hot of the deserts of the Middle East to the extreme winter conditions of the Arctic Circle. We film in hot and humid climates to dry plateaus. We are an 'Extreme' team and take pride in working with cultures, not around them. Our customers are our partners.

Uniqueness: Aviation has great people from all backgrounds and we speak aviation and understand safety and aviation etiquette. This sets us apart from the other producers. We work for honor.

Our Travel & Aviation Archive includes some of the world's most prolific events and covers nearly a century of images and films.

In Aviation, we film:
  • Airports
  • Airlines
  • Aircraft
  • Maintenance
  • In-Flight Cockpits and Interiors
  • Air Shows
  • VIP Events
  • Current Events
Our filming/photography services includes:
  • 'Live' Filming displays for TV for Display Screens
  • Press Conferences
  • Booth or Chalets
  • Aircraft interior & exterior
  • Aircraft flying display & inflight cockpit/cabin cameras
  • Delivery Flight & Ferry flight coverage
  • Shadowing their VIP or Senior Management (Profiling)
  • Archives
  • Other (Upon Request)

We consider ourselves a 'Passion Team'... as we have a 'Passion for Aviation' in serving our Aviation Network. Our film teams work 24 hours a day and will cater to what is demanded. We can also travel and meet the client(s) at most destinations if delivery/ferry/special flights are desired to be filmed. Filming will also be focused on what is requested and tailored to the branding desired.

Our team is Multi-national and Multi-Lingual from over 10 countries and often visas are not necessary due to our unique diversity of nationalities.

Our team does not work on the clock, but works nonstop until the job is completed with excellence.

Sincerely Yours,
David Maxwell

Director of 2010 Farnborough Official Film Team

Producer, President, Founder
Aviation Data Corporation
Washington DC

Email: dmaxwell@airutopia.com

In God We Trust