An Aviation & Aerospace �PASSION TEAM�
The AVIATION NETWORK is a dedicated team of professionals from all diversities forming our News, Film & Photography, and 'Extreme' Film Team. Our 'Aviation Network' is a 'PASSION TEAM' who meets the qualifications set forth by the training of the Founder D. Delian Maxwell and his senior members. Our 'Passion' for aviation is unmatched in our industry. Our work ethic on the field of working 16-hour days exemplifies our dedication. Our Aviation Network Team is from diversified backgrounds and cultures sharing one common goal� the advocacy of covering the Aerospace Industry.

D. Delian Maxwell - Founder (USA)

I have dedicated over 20 years documenting the aerospace industry from current events of today to old archive films dating back a century. I am a living �Jumper�. Producing nearly 100 titles from enthusiast to 'Official' programs as well as upcoming documentaries. I lead a true global team who shares my spirit and honor for aviation. It has an honorable team to be blessed with. I often �jump� from any place at any given time within hours� including Washington DC - Dubai � London - Bangkok - Manila - Sydney - Santiago - Johannesburg... etc.

I challenge anyone reading this to rethink the last ten articles you have read about aviation from the mass media� And evaluate how much accurate and positive coverage was written and reported? Was it a plane crash, bankruptcy, strike, terrorism, delay?

Think again...

While dramatic events are an important part of history, there is a lot more constructive happening in the aviation industry along with these events.

The Aerospace industry is made of many great men and women from Charles Lindbergh (First man flying across the Atlantic Ocean solo), Amelia Earhart (Woman Pioneer Pilot), Charles �Chuck� Yeager (First to break sound barrier), Juan Trippe (CEO Pan Am) of the past. Today there is Richard Branson (Virgin Group), Joe Sutter (Boeing 747 Chief Designer), Tony Fernandes (CEO Air Asia), Patty Wagstaff (Woman pilot), Al Baker (Qatar Airways), and Steven F Udvar-Hazy (CEO ILFC, key Donator to Smithsonian Air & Space Museum Dulles Center) of present day. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai in the UAE has built the foundation of one of the world's greatest aviation hubs through his Emirate of Dubai and global airline Emirates. Like these great people, our team understands the importance of aviation and I love them for this!

My aerospace 'Passion Team' is year by year in pursuit of covering an industry which I believe that few 'common men and women' and MEDIA understand, respect, and honor the integrity of its iconic importance to global economies and families today. When the volcanic ash closed down Europe's airspace in 2010, a major network reported, "40% of all Germany's trade runs on aviation".

Think again...

Germany is the world's 4th largest economy today. Does it have to take an 'Act of God' of closing airspace of a continent to understand the importance of the aerospace industry by the common man?

Our team will cover the aerospace industry with honor, as this is owed to the sacrifices of the men and women who make our industry iconic past and present. Our mission is to cover it with fairness and I am humbled to be a part of our industry.

Please meet our team below, and if you feel you are 'one of us', just contact me as my door is open.

Victor Blythe (USA)
Victor 'The Philosopher' Blythe and I go back for nearly 20 years. He shares the passion for aviation news-gathering and will help assist in our reporting of news events. His uncanny knowledge from civil aviation to aircraft engines makes Victor an asset to ADC. I am honored to have Victor at 2010 Farnborough Air & Trade Show.
Bob Castillo - Senior Member: (Philippines)
Bob 'The Fire' Castillo brings ADC the global marketing prowess to our team. 'Fire' and I have worked together since 2003 on various projects and will bring forth our branding. Bob is my Channel Marketing Director. I enjoy having 'Fire' on our team, as long as it is downwind. It is an honor to work with Bob. "There is no spoon".
Brandon Farris, In Training (Washington, USA)
Brandon joins us from the great Northwest. Helping ADC follow the latest news and activities in Seattle, Brandon will be keeping ADC up to date with Boeing. We are honored to have Brandon joining our team.
Nikoletta Gemenetzis (Germany)
I love women in aviation! 'Niki 'Trinity' Gemenetzis is joining us as a videographer who takes the controls of any camera for 12 hours in the hottest to coolest environments. Her unstoppable determination is exactly what exemplifies our team spirit. I am honored to have Niki as part of our videography teams from Paris 2009 and beyond.
Sal Herath - Senior Member: (Sri Lanka, USA)
Sal 'Iceman' Herath was with ADC from Day 1. Involved in numerous projects throughout three continents spanning the globe, his calm during the height of any project intensity is why Sal is a long time team member past, present, and future. He will help be the Projects Director of the upcoming Farnborough 2010 Air & Trade Show. I am honored to have Sal watch my back on the most challenging projects in the world. Anytime, anyplace, and anywhere!
Mark Huffman (USA)
Mark 'Automatic' Huffman has been our narrator for various series since Day 1. 'Automatic' is Automatic. A great narrator voice for 'Instructional' to 'Edutainment' programs, Mark has covered diversified types of narrations from Commercial to descriptive Military Data. Mark has been an asset to ADC and I am honored to have Mark with our team for the past decade.
Sutisa Jindanon (Thailand)
Sutisa 'Gilligan' Jindanon does extensive work behind the scenes with ADC's 'Century Archive' and is instrumental for its success. While I may take the credit as the face of ADC for many behind the scenes operations, the credit is well deserved to our post-production team. I am humbled to have 'Gilligan' on our team.
Bill Kranitsas � In training (Greece)
Billy 'Foxhole' Kranitsas is what defines the determination of ADC news videographers. He is able to dig in and film inside and out, cold or hot, rain or shine. I am honored to have Billy join our team - great videographers are born, not made.
Kristian Lachtaras (Greece, Germany)
Chris 'D2' Lachtaras brings in an expertise and passion in covering our Military 'Cockpit's series. His work in challenging projects involving militaries will be a key to ADC's military coverage. Military projects including the legendary F4 Phantom II, F16, A7 Corsair II, and Mirage 2000. Commercial include the Russian IL 18 and with Embraer. I am honored to have Chris as a team member and who will handle our diverse cockpit and in-flight videography and photography.
Matt Loewy � In training (Australia)
Matt first assisted me in 2005 in Australia taking a few photos of the first A380 �Down Under�. Matt is a private pilot in training and currently resides in New South Wales. It will be an honor to have Matt�s contribution for many upcoming years as our team grows.
Dayton Maxwell - CFO (USA)
Mr. Maxwell�s leadership in investing is a reason for ADC's long-term building to success. Dayton has over 50 years in experience working as a Diplomat for the US Government and Conflict Resolution and serving in many crisis from Bosnia to Iraq. He will form a special advisory role in the Aviation Network's news team. I am honored to have Mr. Maxwell as part of our team.
Bruno Misonne - Composer (Belgium)
ADC is made of special aviation professionals covering all walks of life... and sounds. Bruno 'Beethoven' Misonne is our main contributing Composer specializing in rhapsodizing aviation and electronic music. 'Beethoven' has mainlined ADC's music since 2006 providing some of the best aviation music in our industry. I am honored to have Bruno as part of our team.
Saurabh Monga (India)
Saurabh '007' Mongha has been a great teammate and asset to ADC by way of our 'Introduction to Flight' series of instructional cockpit programs. His dedicated commentary of a student pilot and his flying excellence as a pilot is a tribute to all young pilots of today and tomorrow. He is an avid photographer who assisted me on my 'Amazing Destinations' filming in India in 2009. It is an honor to have Saurabh as a part of our team in the rising nation of India.
Mohamed Ndiaye - Senior Member: (USA, Mali)
Mo 'Shorty' Ndiaye and I go back nearly 30 years. Our friendship from Africa to present day has brought forth an unmatched business and personal relationship. Mo directs our Shipping Department for the Americas and beyond. Working 16-hour days is a norm for Mo and a reflection of our entire team's work ethic. Although his answers are always 'short', I am honored to have Mo as a business partner and great friend.
Scott Owen - Senior Member: (Canada)

Scott 'The Rock' Owen joins me from Canada. His management background of working with Amazon has given our team a great 'Team Leadership' in working on many projects. Scott joined me for our 'Arctic Circle' filming of the Airbus A380 in early 2006 and has never missed a beat. 'Rock' is a Perfect Storm of perfection.

Perfection is impossible, but I won't Rock this. Having worked on over 75 projects around the world, he is a 'Rock' on my team with attention to detail. I am honored to have Scott be the 'Rock' of our production.

Bruno Pinheiro - Senior Member: (Portugal, Australia)
Bruno 'Flash' Pinheiro brings an unmatched passion for excellence in aviation newsgathering. His attention to detail in every aspect is what constructs the members of ADC. Bruno has assisted on many projects since 2006 from scripting to research. I am honored to have Bruno as my Director of Communications.
Guido Potters (Netherlands)
'Safari' is a videographer handling some of our most rugged behind the scenes reporting in Africa. He handles some of the most sensitive assignments with precision. Currently in and out of Africa, Guido will be a supporting videographer for years to come. I am honored to have Guido in the 'Heart of Africa' and region.
Adrian Seagrave (UK)
Adrian 'Gunner' Seagrave assisted us beginning in Farnborough 2008. His mastery of videography and designing specialized tripods for filming the rigors of air displays is what makes ADC's diversified team unique. I am honored to have Adrian as a part of 2010 Farnborough Air & Trade Show Official Film Team.
Nipapan Unsuwanchai (Thailand)
'Tasmanian Devil' or 'Etasmanian' has been part of ADC's team since 2001 working as an essential support of post production. Etasmanian has mastered the art of cultural communications between East and West, we think. But only 10 more years will determine this cultural divide. If you need 12 hours of excelled post-production computer design work nonstop on a daily basis, then we got the Internet version of the Tasmanian Devil. It is an honor to have Etasmanian on our team for nearly a decade.
Gary Schreffler, USN (USA)
Gary 'Chaff Dog' Schreffler spent 12 years in the US Navy and served during Operation Desert Storm. Chaff Dog and I have a lot in common as we both envision HONORING history through acquiring films and archives from around the world - specifically Navy films. Gary's specialty is that I trust him as a 'Master and Commander' of Navy films from around the world. 'Chaff Dog' may not have the world's biggest collection, but I assure you he has the most honorable collection from a private collection. Gary and I have been working together on acquiring films from all naval backgrounds in order to document, transfer, safe keep, preserve, and create in honor of those who serve and keep the world's ocean's safe. It is always an honor to work with Chaff Dog.
Chris Weldy (Alaska, USA)
Chris's magnificent cover photos have been included in our 'Amazing Airports' St Maarten program. Chris will be handling our aviation photography in Alaska in the US and beyond. It is an honor to have photographers such as Chris on our team covering aviation events.
Simon Wilson (Australia, UK)
Simon 'Mate' Wilson brings forth the surgical knowledge of aviation combined with etiquette. Simon has assisted ADC since 2007 on various research and development as well as post-production support. 'Mate' thinks Australia is at the top of the world, and I haven't had the time to pass him the good news. I am honored to include our 'Mate' as a part of our team.
Dave Bertrand, Pilot retired (USA)
Dave was a DC-8 pilot for over 20 years logging over 13,000 hours in various jetliners. Dave is also a rated Captain on the Boeing 727 and infamous DC-3. Now retired, he provides our team with valuable consultation for any factual elements involving the selective aircraft. Dave was instrumental in our release of 'Cockpits' Douglas DC8 Cockpit flying to Tokyo - London Heathrow - Hong Kong Kai Tak - and Anchorage. It is an honor to work and communicate with Dave on every aspect.
Capt. Nathan Broshear (USAF) (USA)
Capt Broshear was instrumental in assisting ADC 'Film Team' in the coverage at Fidae in Chile of the USAF in 2008 as well as the KC135 'Cockpits' filming. The respect and determination given to our team is a tribute to all USAF members and SOUTHCOM. It is of great honor to the men and women serving in the USAF to have the assistance of Capt Broshear.
LCDR C. Drenter, USN retired (USA)
LCDR C. Drenter of the USN was our consultant for our F-14 Tomcat 'Cockpits' program. He provided excellent analysis of the operations and experience of flying this legendary fighter of the US Navy. Today he is a successful airline pilot for a major company. It was an honor to have had Lt. Drenter involved in such a historical program involving the first Gulf War 'Operation Desert Storm'.
Daniel Frohriep-Ichihara (Germany)
Daniel Frothiep has provided valuable assistance with his surgical knowledge of prop liners and Russian aircraft. He led the filmings of the L188 and IL18 aircraft. He also has great respect for the Japanese culture. Daniel works for a major European airline. It is an honor to have Daniel as a part of our consulting and videography team.
Dave 'Face' Nicholls, USAF ret (USA)
We are proud of to have 'Face' as one of our USAF members providing in-depth commentary for the F-16 Fighting Falcon. 'Face' is now working in the senior private sector but continues to be an advocate for War Veterans. 'Face' was our F-16 Commander who provided consulting and commentary for our F-16 'Mission Afghanistan' - the only program of today covering the air war of Afghanistan and the taking of Kandahar. It is an honor to have 'Face' as a part of our team and I am proud of his service to helping defend freedom.
Howard 'Howie' Ogden (USA)
Howie's is a lifelong Lockheed L-1011 Tristar Jedi Master. His knowledge and passion is unmatched in the industry for this great plane. Howie assisted ADC in our filming of our 'Cockpits' series L-1011 program and his commentary is legendary. Howie currently works professionally with Tristars in the remotes of Southeast Asia. It is an honor to have Howie contribute at any time and any day.
Thomas Walther (Germany)
Thomas brought invaluable advice and commentary to our Lockheed L-188 program. Currently working as a pilot for the 747 for a major Top 10 Airline in the world - based in Asia, it is always a pleasure to meet Thomas when we are in the Hong Kong vicinity. It is an honor to have Thomas as part of team providing professional commentary.
Captain Waldo Blake, USAF (USA)
Cpt. Blake and his cockpit crew of ---- assisted ADC in our 'Cockpits' program of the timeless Boeing KC135 Tanker for the Phoenix Air National Guard. Capt. Waldo's team was an honor to work and be advised by for our commentary. It is a great honor to have flown and worked with 'Waldo's' and his team.
Gregg Godlewski (USA)
Gregg has been a great friend and business colleague for ADC. In the building of a foundation of a company, respected professionals are the best mentors in building a product as well as confidence. Gregg has always been a supporter since DAY ONE of ADC and it is a great honor to have Gregg. Past, present, and future... Anytime.
Herb Green (Maryland, USA)
Someone senior to me once told me in the early 90s "...if you are going to follow a career, follow what you love to do...". This gentleman was Herb Green. Herb and I have spoken for nearly two decades about aviation and current events. Herb is old school and misses the past, and that is what makes Herb special. His understanding of the past history makes Herb an 'Aviation Encyclopedia'. It is an honor to always speak with Herb at any time.
Peter Hodgdon (Florida, USA)

I chased 'Sir Pete' down in 2003 and acquired his historic 8mm and Super 8 film collection. I have never seen any collection of classic military and commercial films covering the late 60s to 80s on Super 8 and 8mm since then! I love Sir Pete and his 'pride for aviation' and his candidness to business. I have since picked up his 35mm slide collection.

Sir Pete's biography is extensive. He worked with the USAF for 10 years and 20 years with American Airlines. He has flown on a great diversity of aircraft including Warbirds such as the B-17, B-24, B-25, AT-6, P-51 and commercially on the Boeing 707-747, BAC-111, Lockheed L1049, L188, L1011 to Douglas's DC3, 6, 8, 9, 10. Military models worked on included C-5, C-21A, C-130, C-141, T-33, T-38, and B-52. Sir Pete met many of the great names in aviation from CR Smith to "Pappy" Boyington.

I wish there were more Sir Pete's and I continue to search them out. It was an honor to meet Sir Pete and I hope to again soon.

Robert Wilmoth (Kentucky, USA)
Robert donated his collection of films to ADC in 2005. An amateur videographer, few have captured the American aviation enthusiast scene as thorough as Robert did during the late 80s to 2000 for a period of 15 years. I have great admiration for Robert and his wonderful wife, as he was able to capture thousands of clips of at an end of a classic era in civil aviation. It is an honor to know 'Say It As It Is' Robert as we continue to have to edit his film clips and hear his nonstop humorous commentary. You can't change the truth, and Robert does 'say it as it is'.
Stephen Ouellette (Virginia, USA)
Steve has been an invaluable consultant and investor to ADC. In over twenty years of friendship and as a business partner, it has been an honor to have Steve as part of our consulting team. Steve will continue to add accounting depth to ADC for many upcoming years.
Maria Wheeler (North Carolina, USA)
Maria has been a valuable consultant for nearly a decade for ADC. Her consultancy in the international fields of business has led to greater efficiency and know-how for ADC. It has been an ultimate honor to have Maria on board our team.
Joe Gibbs

Former Coach of Washington Redskins, Owner of Joe Gibbs NASCAR Racing Team.

Joe�s faith has attributed to his great success on the football field and off as well as on the racing track and off. He led the Washington Redskins to 3 Super Bowl Titles in 15 years as a head coach and was a first ballot Hall of Fame. Joe is most of all a great person of great humility. A great role model for ever.

Marie Maxwell
A Spiritual Warrior and mother are necessary for the success of any individual, company, and team. My team and I would not be where we are today without my mother�s daily prayers of wisdom and protection. Marie joins our team as a 'Special' non-aviation member for her dedication over the many challenging years.
Tim Tebow

Quarterback: NFL Denver Broncos. (University of Florida Gators)

Never have I ever seen such a great example of strength and faith on and off the field in sports at such a challenging age. Tim is arguably the greatest Quarterback in College Football History winning two national championships and nearly a third with The Florida Gators! He was also a Heisman Trophy Winner. Tim was also a first round draft pick in 2010 of the NFL�s Denver Broncos. Born to missionary parents in the Philippines, Tim is blessed with the heart and soul of a lion, but the humility of a great Christian. Tim, who is home-schooled, often spent his Summers in the Philippines helping the poor before returning to meet the demands of being one of the top Quarterbacks in College Football.

Tim continues to work with prison inmates along with many other projects. May the Lord continue to watch over you my friend�

Steve Irwin (1962-2006)
Steve brought out the best of my imagination from the early 1990s onward. His passionate stances towards what I believed were revered animals and reptiles were unmatched. He brought forth a revolution of many other reality documentaries in his footsteps. He was a great honor to have for the documentary industry and I was deeply saddened when he passed away. You�re a great person Steve�
Brian J Nash (1975-2010)
Brian was a consultant for ADC for 10 years providing invaluable assistance from Day 1 onward. His knack of excellence was unmatched in the technological branding of ADC. Brian passed away in 2010 and he will not be forgotten. We will as a tribute during Farnborough 2010 have a "BJN" on our sleeves. He will be sorely missed - but not without valor. I am humbled to have been his friend and learned so much, thank you Brian.