My Passion is Aviation: I drove 8 hours roundtrip just to stay overnight at airports like New York JFK just to get close to this passion! I studied overnight at airports so I could be around the aviation experience.

Who am I? I'm like a lot of you who have connected with the Magic of Flight.

At 5, I dragged my dad to the airport and airbases. At the military bases I had no idea there were wars ongoing, I was lost in the fumes of seeing my favorite jets go to war.
At 9, I used to sneak into the runway perimeter so I could catch a close glimpse of takeoffs and landings at the local airport!
At 19, I began taking photos seriously.
At 23, I began taking photos for McGraw Hill's publication 'Aviation Week & Space Technology' while in college.
At 24, I began to film and document aviation as I always enjoyed 'Motion Picture'.
At 29, I founded the Aviation Data Corporation (ADC, AirUtopia) whose vision was to create visual documentaries for the aviation enthusiast public. My vision has since turned into producing documentaries and creating the 'Aviation Network'.

Yet I am nothing without the support of an audience now in over 91 countries and 6 continents. I am nothing without my partners, associates, and contributors who make ADC possible. I am also nothing without my competitors, they make me better. So I consider every aviation professional to enthusiast as comrades and a part of our team - our 'Aviation Network'.

My passion for aviation began when I was 5 years old. Throughout high school and college, I continued my relentless pursuit by traveling the world taking photos on every free occasion and spending all the money I had. During this time, I also got accepted and began taking photos for McGraw Hill's 'Aviation Week & Space Technology' thanks to an editor named Jim Ott (currently a United States Contributing Editor).

In 1999, I continued my passion by forming a company dedicated to bringing to the public aviation enthusiast productions and now documentaries.

In 2000, we began to produce our first programs beginning with St. Maarten, one of the world's most famous photogenic airports.

Then came Sept 11, 2001, in which I was deeply affected by the use of commercial aviation as a negative weapon bringing a negative impact to aviation perception by the global public. It broke my heart. As disappointed as I was, I knew that 99.9% of the world are great people - American or Arab, Jew or Christian, Black or White, Rich or Poor - and I was not about to let this event negatively impact in creativity. I then re-dedicated ADC to bring out a positive spirit aviation and to more closely follow and brand it. Thus came our Motto 'To Pursue & Complement aviation with respect to all cultures'.

Today, my team and I are dedicated to filming and producing programs and bringing out the Aviation Experience, Current Events, News, and Past History. We produce a series covering the world's top air shows to top current events.

We are accepted in many aviation shops to outlets like Virgin Mega Stores (Dubai), Smithsonian (Washington DC), Sony Music Shops (Japan), Dubai Duty Free, Amazon, Boeing Store and many more.

I am humbled  by our clients and customers who support us. I am honored by the students and future aviation professional of the world who purchase our productions as they are the future of aviation.

In 2010, I have been named the Director of the Official Film Team of the 'Greatest Air Show on Earth' at London's Farnborough Air and Trade Show. I will be Directing the Live Filming displays and will produce the Official 2010 Farnborough DVD.

ADC goal is to be the best in the near future at making a 'Diversity' of films bringing the Aviation Experience to the world. BUT, we are not going to do this at the expense of other producer's - and I strongly recommend you to support all producer's which share their films on aviation. We want to be a strong positive choice - but not the only one!

ADC / AirUtopia is changing the public's outlook on aviation one country at a time.

But I also know where my roots are, which is with the Men & Women past and present who make aviation a great passion.

You are welcomed to join our 'Passion Team' as this will form the foundation of our 'Aviation Network'. It will be about honor and a priceless passion for aviation and the 'Magic of Flight'.

Sincerely Yours,
David Maxwell

Director: Farnborough Air and Trade Show 2010 Film Team and Official DVD

Founder, Producer
Aviation Data Corporation
Washington DC


In God We Trust