Airbus Commercial Aircraft Special

Media : DVD
Duration : 90
ISBN : 1-932545-22-0
Price :14.99

Description :
From its establishment in 1970, Airbus Industry has continually soared to the very pinnacle of commercial aircraft manufacturing. This ascent came at the expense of legacy companies such as McDonnell Douglas and Lockheed commercial, who simply could not compete. The journey began with the groundbreaking A300 and was followed by ever-increasing technological advancements in the form of the A310, A320 family, A330/A340, A380 and the ultra-modern Airbus A350! This is there story. Featuring rare and often never before seen video and images from one of the world’s largest aviation archives, this program chronicles the aircraft that has made Airbus the success story it is today! - A300 - A310 - A318/ A319/ A320/ A321 - A330/ A340 - A350 - A380 - Duration: 90 Minutes