Old Don Muang

Media : DVD
Duration : 90
ISBN : 1-932544-01-1
UPC BAR CODE : 881687000299
Price :14.99

Description :

- Over 130 aircraft in action!

- Air traffic control

- Opening narrations & facts

- Thai and English subtitles

Go back in time to historical Don Muang Airport and witness over 80 airlines plus military aircraft in operation! From Jumbo Jets from around the world to the military Boeing C-17 and Lockheed's massive C-5 Galaxy! Enjoy all the rare airlines that Bangkok's Don Muang International Airport has to offer such as North Korea's AIR KORYO, Royal Bhutan and Angel Air!! This was truly one of the most unique airports in the world to see in action. (Did you know a golfer at the local course had to cross an active taxiway to complete a round of golf?) 

Let AirUtopia be your window to the past and enjoy all that Bangkok's Don Muang had to offer!

Duration: 90

ISBN 1-932544-01-1

UPC BAR CODE 881687000299