Kai Tak Airport 20th Anniversary

Media : DVD
Duration : 120 Min

Price :14.99

Description :
KAI TAK! … two words symbolizing the absolute pinnacle of commercial aviation history. The opportunity to experience the live spectacle of Kai Tak ended forever in 1998 when the runway lights were extinguished and the airport was relegated to the history books forever. All that remains of Kai Tak Airport 20 years later are vivid memories, thrilling anecdotes and this amazing collection of living video aviation history! Prepare to be transported back to a bygone era of commercial aviation as we resurrect the complete Kai Tak experience from one of the world’s largest historic aviation video archives. Welcome back to Kai Tak! - Full Kai Tak experience! - Classic airlines and airliners! - Concordes at Kai Tak! - Window view of landing and departure! - 2 full hours of Kai Tak aviation history! - Duration: 120 Minutes