F-105 Thunderchief

Media : DVD
Duration : 80
ISBN : 7-20189-750045
Price :14.99

Description :
The Republic F-105 Thunderchief was originally introduced in the nuclear deterrent roll but was shortly thereafter thrust into the extremely dangerous, early stages of the Vietnam War. It was not long before the aircraft was tasked in the SEAD roll, where it proved very effective eliminating the threat of the SA-2 service to air missiles that were taking a huge toll on aircraft and the brave pilots who flew them. The firsthand accounts of these dangerous assignments are brought to life by 5 highly decorated USAF airmen who had the opportunity to fly this mighty aircraft, once touted as the most devastating instrument of war ever operated by a single man! Rare footage of the F-105B,D and F models during production, first flights and testing offers a unique backdrop to these harrowing and heroic tales of aircraft and men at war! - Pilot commentary - Rare factory and test footage