Boeing 747 Special

Media : DVD
Duration : 90
ISBN : 1-932545-22-0
Price :14.99

Description :
When the Boeing 747 first took to the skies in 1969, it not only was the world’s first wide-bodied aircraft, it heralded in a whole new era in aviation. The world’s first ‘Jumbo Jet’ set the new standard for luxurious and reliable air transportation and was easily recognized by everyone, due to four massive turbofan engines and a distinctive hump that elevated the cockpit above the main passenger cabin. This program provides a unique video history of the evolution of the mighty 747, from the original 747-100 to the ultra-modern 747-8 Intercontinental and Freighter. Featuring rare video and images from one of the world’s largest aviation archives, this program also chronicles the rarest members of the 747 family, the 747SP, 747-300 and 747 Large Cargo Freighter. What began in the late 1960s as a huge corporate gamble has evolved into the greatest aviation icon of all time that will forever be known as “The Queen of the Skies”! - 747-100/200 - 747SP - 747-300 - 747-400 - 747LCF - 747-8F/ 747-8I - Duration: 120 Minutes