Ethiopian BOEING 757-200
Magic of Flight

Media : DVD
Duration : 80 minutes
ISBN : 7-20189-75010-6
Price :14.99

Description :
The twin engined Boeing 757 was originally intended as a short to medium range jetliner to compliment its larger cousin, the Boeing 767. The stellar performance of the aircraft exceeded all expectations and this enabled Boeing to sell over 1,000 757s during a remarkable 23-year production run. Star Alliance member Ethiopian Airlines, a faithful Boeing customer for 5+ decades, welcomes you on board a regional flight from the Hub of Africa, Addis Ababa, to Entebbe, Uganda and Kigali, Rwanda. Witness the award winning in-flight service offered in Ethiopianís Cloud Nine business cabin and the excitement of flying in the cockpit of the fighter-like 757! - Cockpit and cabin views - Full In-flight experience - Preflight inspection