World's Greatest Commercial Flying Displays

Media : DVD
Duration : 100
ISBN : 0-96962-10117-6
Price :14.99

Description :
The biggest and most extravagant airshows in the world provide the stage for aircraft manufacturers to promote the most advanced and capable airliners in the skies! This not only results in billions of dollars in sales, it allows highly skilled display pilots the opportunity to push their aircraft to the limits, flying head to head against competing designs. This program highlights over a decade of the world's top flying displays performed by some of the best display pilots in the world! Witness the most amazing airliner performances of all time, from the small and spritely RUAG 228 and Harbin Y-12 to the ultra-modern and sleek Boeing 787 Dreamliner and Airbus A350-900! The absolute crowd favorite remains the Airbus Super-Jumbo A380 as it performs to the edges of its abilities in the hands of its highly skilled Airbus test crew. Enjoy the nonstop action of over 30 world-class commercial airliner flying displays as aerospace manufacturers battle it out in airshows from around the globe!