'The Dream Rising' Exclusive First Flight Event

Media : DVD
Duration : 60 minutes
ISBN : 1-932544-71-2
UPC BAR CODE : 881687 007298
Price :14.99

Description :

- 787 Dreamliner first flight

- Design/ development/ construction

- Boeing 747 Dreamlifter close up

AirUtopia invites you to be a part of aviation history and join us at the biggest aeronautical event of 2009, the first flight of the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner!  After a rare tour of Boeing’s massive production facility, were you’ll see what it takes to built a 21st century composite airliner, it’s off to the Everett flight line for the historic first flight.  Also included is first landing of the 787 at Boeing Field including the full pilot press conference and an in depth look at Dreamliners ZA001 and ZA002.