Final F-117 STEALTH

Duration : 115 Minutes
ISBN : 1-932544-46-1
UPC BAR CODE : 881687 004792
Price :14.99

Description :

- Major military showcase

- British, French, Spanish display teams

- Farewell F-117 Knighthawk

- Special Emirates & A380 flybys

- VIP A380 signing ceremony

- Subtitled narration and facts


DUBAI DOES IT AGAIN!  Join AirUtopia at one of the most amazing military airshows in the world ... the Dubai Airshow!  Operators from around the world flock to this event to show off the most modern aircraft their Air Forces have to offer. See the last ever visit of the F-117 Knighthawk as it takes to the skies alongside the modern military aircraft of today!                                                            INCLUDES FIREPOWER OF THE US MILITARY, FRANCE, UK, ITALY, RUSSIA,                     SPAIN, SOUTH KOREA, PAKISTAN, JORDAN AND MANY MORE!