MAKS Russia 2017 Airshow

Media : DVD
Duration : 80 Min
ISBN : 096962101275
Price :14.99

Description :
Located 4o kilometers outside of Moscow is Zhukovsky Airport, home to Russia’s famous Biannual, 6-day airshow MAKS! The 2017 event hosted 166 foreign companies as well as 489 Russian Aerospace participants. Russia is the second biggest military aircraft manufacturer in the world by volume, which guarantees a huge diversity of action every time! This amazing variety of aircraft makes MAKS a must-attend spectacle for both aviation professionals and everyone else passionate about aviation. - MiG-29M - MiG-35 - Su-30SM - T-50 PAK FA - Classic Il-2 Warbirdirbus A380 Emirates & Singapore Airlines - Onboard the Be-200 and Tu-144! Duration: 80 Minutes