Dubai Aviation Spectacular!

Media : DVD
Duration : 110 minutes
ISBN : 1-932545-24-7
UPC BAR CODE : 881687 009087
Price :14.99

Description :

- Dubai Airshow 2009

- F-22 Raptor

- AVIC L-15 Falcon

- Eurofighter Typhoon

- Interior Tours - Legacy/ Lineage/ A340-600/ Il-76/ L-100

Welcome to one of the most exciting aviation showcases in the world - the Dubai Airshow!           The UAE provides a unique setting for amazing commercial and military aviation action including a close look at the Eurofighter Typhoon, the AVIC L-15, and VIP Tours of the Airbus A318CJ, A340-600 and Embraer's Legacy and Lineage corporate jets.