Mission Over the South Pacific

Media : DVD
Duration : 90 Minutes
ISBN : 1-932544-83-6
UPC BAR CODE : 881687 008493
Price :14.99

Description :

- Refueling sortie with Chile Air Force F-16s

- Fly with the Arizona Air National Guard!

- Flight crew commentary

Fly in the cockpit with AirUtopia as we climb onboard the legendary Boeing KC-135 Stratotanker for an actual air to air refueling exercise!  The KC-135 is the USAF’s main tanker aircraft allowing American forces to reach any conflict, anytime. The highly trained 3-man crew gives offers their unique perspective of what it takes to complete a successful mission.  The flight departs Santiago, Chile and heads out over the South Pacific Ocean to rendezvous with a flight of Chilean F-16s.  A definite must see for military fans and enthusiasts providing a rare opportunity to “fly” the Boeing KC-135!