Ethiopian Boeing (McDonnell Douglas) MD-11

Media : DVD
Duration : 80
ISBN : 7-20189-75011-3
Price :14.99

Description :
When the MD-11 trijet was first introduced it offered airlines a highly sophisticated flight deck featuring advanced automatic systems that substantially reduced pilot workload. The MD-11 has since emerged as a popular freighter for the world’s leading cargo airlines and is extensively used for long range cargo routes. Ethiopian Airlines, a Boeing customer of 5+ decades, selected the aircraft to operate the carrier’s lucrative cargo routes across Africa and to Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Join Captain Tadele and his crew and experience the MD-11F first hand, on a flight between the ‘Hub of Africa', Addis Ababa, and Hong Kong, with a stop in Chennai, India on the return leg. - Hong Kong cargo ops - Preflight inspection